The first step when dealing with your insurance company is to contact them asap. You may be surprised as to how much they really want to help you through this rough time. Most insurance companies are ready and willing to help. I find where most problems come in is when the details start to come out. Knowing all the details to your insurance policy is not easy to do and it can even make experienced agents eyes cross. This is where we can help. When it comes to temporary housing we know how it works and we advocate for you so that you are able to not have to worry about your housing needs while your permanent residence is rebuilt.

Get to know your adjuster they are paid by the insurance company to limit the amount of money that the claim pays out but at the same time you will find that most adjusters are not out to stick it to you. They understand the trials you are going through and they know the ins and outs more than most anyone. If for some reason you have an adjuster that you just can’t work with ask for a different one. They may resist but most of the time you will be able to get a different adjuster.

Remember through all this keep up good relations with your agent they are your best friend during this. They want you treated well and they do hold lots of sway. The insurance companies realize that agents are their bread and butter and the agents realize that you are their bread and butter. Use this to your advantage and treat your agent nice and they will move heaven and earth for you.

The biggest question we get from consumers is do you work with our insurance company? The answer to that question is most likely yes. We work with most insurance companies out there. The best thing to do is call up and find out if your company is one we can work with.

If your house is now unlivable due to a house fire, house flood or even structural damage on your house, possible tree falling or such, or any number of other reasons we are able to help you. We can bring out a mobile temporary housing unit and set it up right on site. This way you can supervise the construction as it goes. It also allows you to take care of any animals that are on property and generally still be at home.

When you get one of our mobile temporary housing units we are able to supply you with all the linens needed as well as kitchen kits. In many cases your insurance company will pay for those as well.

This is where we can help we understand most insurance companies and how they work for temporary housing as well as temporary mobile offices, for those who work from home.

In any circumstance where you have to work with you insurance company to get a temporary housing unit we are able to help give us a call and let us show you what we are able to do.