Our temporary housing Washington units will be delivered and set up by our staff. temporary housing Washington will service the units if there is anything needed very quickly. If you are dealing with an insurance adjuster in most cases we will take care of all the billing with the insurance company. Meaning no messing around with bills.

Temporary housing Washington units can usually be delivered within 48 hours if it is within 250 miles.

In case of emergencies in your home or business it is hard to operate out of a Motel. temporary housing Washington enables you to be at your home and watch for vandalism, take care of your pets, have your kids closer to their school and playmats, and if they are working on your home you can keep an on who is doing the work..

Temporary housing Washington units will range from 23 feet to 38 feet. They are easy to set up and take away when the time comes. temporary housing Washington we will do all the setup, check out and pick up work. In most cases temporary housing Washington will take no special permits so they can be used in emergencies right away. In the bigger temporary housing Washington units 32 to 38 feet can have a front and rear bedroom and one of the bedrooms can be used as an office, they also can have a super slide out in the living area and slide out in the bedroom. They all have refrigerators, furnace, range & oven, awning, air conditioning, TV & DVD, radio, dual holding tanks for black and gray water, and kitchen with sink and drainboard area.