We offer great comfortable event mobile offices. They come fully self contained with bathrooms, kitchens, TV’s and more even a place to rest when the stress gets too much.

Every event has its own unique stresses and needs. Some events are small others large with all this in mind you can be secure in the knowledge that we have you covered. Whether you need one event mobile office or many event mobile offices we are there for you. You are able to get the space needed when you need it.

Having worked with different Jazz festivals, food festivals and many music festivals over the years we realize the unique needs of events and how they need things to work when they need to them to work. We specialize in that. Our event mobile offices work. Another benefit is that we have event mobile office units that you are able to move around the event if needed. You are not stuck with them in one location since they are fully self contained many come with their own generators as well. We can also provide generators as is needed.

These event mobile offices are great for use as a nurse’s office, staff and management offices as well as security headquarters. We are able to handle events of any size with as many event mobile offices or motorized offices as is needed. What this does for you is it gives you the flexibility needed to accomplish all your goals for your event.

We will do our part to help make your event successful. We pride ourselves in being one less thing you need to worry about.

We also offer Event Mobile Housing. Check it out we are able to set up a housing location to sleep as many as you need it to.