We provide corporate on site housing units for when you have jobs that need your supervision and there is no where to stay. We can deliver and set up both standard and luxury trailers as well Motorized units so you can go from site to site almost anywhere in the United States.

Our mobile corporate on site housing units are great for those times where you have to be in rural areas and do not want that 2 to 3 hour drive to get back to the hotel in some cases we have seen the drives even be many hours longer than that.

Our corporate on site housing units are great for individuals but also for whole crews do you have a full crew in the field and need to maximize their time? Setup corporate on site housing allow them to stay right on site or at least very nearby, then they do not have to waste hours each day driving back and forth between lodging and work.

Some great uses for corporate on site housing would be rural construction sites, starting up mining operations or oil field operations. We are able to accommodate any number of employees for living spaces and sleeping quarters. Our corporate on site housing units can have multiple sleeping spaces so they are easy to share with each person having their own beds.

Our units are comfortable and are equipped with everything you need. They have available linen packages, kitchen packages and even BBQ packages. We have many other packages as well lawn packages, portable fireplaces and so on. You will find when you rent our mobile corporate on site housing units that they will not disappoint.

We also offer special pricing when multiple units are requested. National accounts are able to be set up for those companies that regularly use corporate on site housing units. Corporate ons site housing is the way to go when time is money.

We also have available Corporate Mobile Offices.