On site temporary housing plays an important role when someone has to start to rebuild their lives after a natural disaster or a house fire or other damage where the house is not able to be lived in. The role on site temporary housing plays is it gives you a place to live on your own property while you rebuild. Sometimes the rebuilds take two to three months some take two years or more. Our on site temporary housing units will be there as long as you need them.

Since our on site temporary housing units provide opportunity to stay actually on your property you are able to take care of pets, livestock, property or anything that needs you present. This also gives you the opportunity to directly oversee the rebuild of your home so that you know it is being done correctly.

Our onsite temporary housing units can come fully stocked with all your needs being met such as kitchen kits, linen kits, BBQ kits, Cable TV and so on. We are also able to accommodate most special needs upon request. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will talk to the insurance company for you about that and make sure you are covered so that you can maximize your benefits.

We have worked with hundreds of insurance companies over the years and we understand the process and the expectations. We are able to work with your insurance company directly or through the adjuster or agent. We are able to navigate the insurance world for you so that you do not have to. At least for your on site temporary housing. Call us today and allow us to earn your business by taking on this burden for you and providing excellent customer service quickly.