Here are a few links that are very helpful if you are in a natural disaster. These links are for national level but we have pages for each state that we work in and they have state and local level links that will be even more specific to your needs.

Repairing Your Flooded Home (FEMA)

Flood Insurance Claims Handbook (FEMA)

Great help for emergencies FEMA Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Desk Reference

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

Nasa’s Earth Observatory this link will give you a useful view of what is happening during many natural disasters.

We understand that during this time of trial things can get out of hand and seem overwhelming. I hope that these resources will be able to help direct you the help you need. Natural disaster relief is not easy and takes experience to be effective. We have the experience needed to help you through this trying time.

How can we help. We provide temporary housing to most of the Western United States. No one can control natural disasters but we hope that we can help bring a bit of Natural Disaster Relief and make it a bit easier for you while you are rebuilding your life afterwards. We are able to do our part for Natural Disaster Relief by helping people become stable again by putting temporary housing units right on your property or another location you choose. The benefits of being on your property is that you can watch over your pets, livestock and oversee the reconstruction of your life. Natural disaster relief is needed and important this is why we try to do our part.

In the end you need to first worry about your family and your own personal needs once those are taken care of then you can help others. The organizations that provide Natural Disaster Relief are usually taxed when they hit since they usually hit large areas and large groups of people. Try your best to be patience with everything it may seem to be moving slowly but there is a lot to do. A natural disaster affects every area of life and there are many things to think of. It is good to ask for help and that is where we can help please call us and see what we can do to help you with Natural Disaster Relief.